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The Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2020 for Young Leaders in Developing Countries

Kectil is pleased to announce the opening of its yearly program to select and train highly motivated youths who are leaders of their communities.

The Kectil Program was created to identify and nurture highly talented youth in developing countries who have the potential to make a positive difference in their communities and countries.

Kectil facilitates innovative leadership training and providing a means to allow highly talented youth become part of a guided network with other similarly talented and passionate youth in developing countries who will support, nurture, teach and learn from each other as they mature.

The first section of the program is web-based with the following modules to learn:

  1. Introduction and Mission
  2. Lessons on Leadership from Martin Luther King and other transformational change makers
  3. Enabling Women to Succeed in Society
  4. Population Growth and its Effect on Youth & Youth Unemployment and Poverty Employment
  5. Colonialism and Occupation
  6. Innovation to Advance Society
  7. Entrepreneurship and Corporate Product Development
  8. Environmental Sustainability
  9. Personal and Group Management
  10. Good Government
  11. Local Projects to Improve Communities
  12. Wrap-up and What’s Next?

Benefits of this program:

  • The Kectil Leadership Program gives two awards to outstanding participants: the Developing Countries Youth Leadership Atlanta Conference Awards and the Kectil Mentor Awards.
  • The Kectil program also awards four kinds of Certificates to participants: Youth Leadership Council Certificate, Certificate of Excellent Performance, Certificate of Superior Performance and Certificate of Participation.
  • At Kectil leadership program, Participants receive Intensive Leadership Training, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop, Meetings with Successful Leaders, and Creation of Network of Youth Peers in Developing Countries.
  • Monthly Kectil Talks with Leaders in Science, Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Public Service
  • Participants also get the opportunity to connect with other students on social media (Facebook & Twitter) with facilitated web-based group discussions.


This leadership program is open to:

  • High potential youth (aged 17-26) in the least developed and developing countries who have demonstrated a talent and passion for leadership, scholarship or innovation, are proficient in English and have access to a computer and the internet.

How To Participate:

The deadline to apply for this leadership program is on 31 October 2019. If you meet the eligibility criteria, please Apply here.

We have a community, where you could get help with Q&A on this Application:

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For more information, please visit: Kectil Website

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